Artillery on a March 1806

The Royal Artillery gun in this 1806 print by J A Atkinson is actually part of a Foot Artillery unit but the mounted officer in the foreground is in RHA uniform. He has a Tarleton helmet and a braided waist-length jacket with red waist-sash. His sword is suspended from a waist-belt. Adorning his saddle is a blue shabraque, of light dragoon pattern with pointed ends on the rear parts. The other mounted figure is a Foot Artillery officer with a cocked hat and plain blue tailed jacket faced red and with gold epaulettes. The man sitting on the limber is a foot artillery gunner with the 1800 tall stovepipe shako and cross-belts. The artillery were inspired by the newly formed RHA to become more mobile, and re-structured themselves in RHA style with lighter horse-drawn guns. The drivers in the picture here, are mounted on the near-side horses. The Corps of Drivers was formed in 1801, serving both the RA and RHA. In this print their uniform is well shown. The hat is a distinctive shape and their waist-length jacket has three rows of buttons but without yellow braid.

Regimental Details

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by Stephen Luscombe