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All Round the Compass: Stories from RAF Days

by Ron Brown

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by J.P. Moss (RAF 1940-1946, Royal Rhodesian Air Force 1948-1972)
It was interesting, absorbing and, in parts, amusing to go back 50 plus years and relive those days when service and inter-service life was accepted by us all as the norm. I am sure we can all recall, provided our memories have not let us down with advancing years, similar experiences of wartime happenings but the ability to express them in writing with such depth of feeling is a privilege few of us possess.

Amongst the many anecdotes, including both the tragic and the humorous, are some that I know I shall discuss with friends of similar vintage when we are recalling those far off days.

This fascinating book also confirmed to me, as an ex-airman, a fact which I had long felt in my heart to be true. It is that of all the operational Commands, Coastal, in general terms, received less acclamation than it deserved for its many and varied operational roles. It is easy to sit back and think of it purely in terms of maritime reconnaissance but there was a lot more to it than that. Another fact that emerged throughout the book and one which I personally endorse was the oft related experiences of inter-service co-operation and understanding. It is often propounded that the services generally were critical and non-supportive of each other. This is certainly not borne out by the author's many interesting, enlightening and, in parts, amusing stories.

Altogether I found Ron Brown's reminiscences of his Coastal Command days thoroughly enjoyable reading and my only regret is that the book was not longer.

Ron Brown later served in Northern Rhodesia - Education Department - 1948-1964.

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Ron Brown
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