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The Armed Forces of Aden

AuthorCliff Lord and David Birtles
PublisherHelion and Company
First Published2000
ISBN No.1-874622-40-X

In January 1839 Captain S.B. Haines of the Indian Marine, the East India Company's Navy, occupied Aden. Possessing a magnificent natural harbour at the junction of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, Britain recognised its strategic importance and thus began a period of British rule which lasted until 29th November 1967.

This book presents a detailed record of the armed forces raised in Aden and the Protectorate during British rule. It features new information relating to Turkish military activity on the Yemen border in 1902, and the confrontation between the Turkish and British forces in WWI.

Special attention has been paid to the multiplicity of Arab units. All units are listed alphabetically, whilst many are also featured in scores of previously unpublished photos showing the men, their uniforms, equipment, insignia and medals.

A number of detailed appendices provide a historical overview, listings of British & Indian units which served in Aden during 1914-18, 1939-45 and 1964-67 and information on the medals and awards of South Arabia.

The Armed Forces of Aden fills a long-standing gap in the military history of both Britain and Aden, providing readers with a work of real historical and specialist value.

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