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The Corona Club, 1900-1990: an Introductory History

by A. H. M. Kirk-Greene

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by C.D.S.
I should like to mention at the same time the existence of the above booklet of which Mr. Kirk-Greene is also the author. It gives a brief, or, as Mr. Kirk-Greene describes it, an outline, history of the Corona Club from its establishment some 90 years ago to 1990. It covers the origins and growth of the Club, its administration and officers. There is also reference to The Women's Corona Society, and the Corona Library. In his concluding paragraph, Mr. Kirk-Greene quotes from the speech of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, at the Club's sixth annual Dinner in June, 1905 ".... there are few things of which they are so ignorant as the Crown Colonies." He goes on to add that "The challenge, now as then, is to place Britain's colonial aims in their proper prospective and to set our imperial achievements, above all those of our overseas civil servants, in their correct context. Pending that retrospective and objective history of the unified Colonial Service which has yet to be written, the Corona Club may be said to have today the same role and responsibility for ensuring the dissipation of that ignorance and enabling its replacement by recognition as it has uniquely had for the past ninety years."
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A. H. M. Kirk-Greene
Corona Club


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