The British Empire Library

A Decade In Africa

by Judy Morrish

Courtesy of OSPA

Cynthia Coase (N. Rhodesia 1951-1964)
This is a fascinating book. It has been written with accuracy and thought and shows a great love of her subject. Her attention to detail whether it be her first impressions of life in her adopted country or her acceptance of the life style as the spouse of a serving Northern Rhodesian Officer. It cannot have been easy for her to adopt the "here today we are on transfer next week" way of life, to which she quickly became accustomed and obviously relished, seemingly taking each move in her stride.

Her descriptions of the areas where she visited when taking a break from routine with her husband makes one feel that you are standing with her and sharing her experiences.

What is really striking is her portrayal of the kindness, care and concern of the Northern Rhodesia Police Service and their families which they all showed for each other.

The book is a real page turner and should sell well.

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Judy Morrish
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