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The Donas Remember

by Alice Shirley Schofield

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by R.J. Barkley (Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia/Zambia Police 1946-65)
In 1992 Shirley Schofield set out to gather reminiscences from wives of Northern Rhodesia Policemen in order to produce a record of how things were from their point of view.

The result is an admirable illustrated paperback, the contents of which have been gleaned from the contributions received from some 15 police wives.

Wisely Mrs Schofield has not just reprinted the various submissions, but extracts from each have been used to cover the progression from birth, in some cases, through early experiences, then travel to Northern Rhodesia, marriage, the subsequent trials and pleasures of life in Africa and on to the time after independence when, with regret, they felt bound to leave.

All the vagaries of life are covered, from houses lacking all mod. cons., life in the bush, servants, childbirth, emergencies and much of the lighter side.

Shirley Schofield has done a fine job in editing and arranging the various 'snippets' she has used into the making of what is a remarkably coherent book written in clear and concise descriptive English. It is a most readable book which adds a valuable insight into the life and times of Colonial Police families.

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