British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'E'

Mimesis Across Empires: Artworks and Networks in India, 1765-1860 by Eaton, Natasha
District Officer in Tanganyika: 1956 - 1960 Part 2: The Memoirs of Dick Eberlie by Eberlie, Dick
The Winds and Wounds of Change: 1961 to 1965 Part 3: The Memoirs of Dick Eberlie by Eberlie, Richard
Aden: The Curtain Falls: The Memoirs of Dick Eberlie: Part 4, 1965 to 1967 by Eberlie, Dick
When I Was Younger: A Forest Officer's Memories of Uganda in the Thirties by Eggeling, W. J.
Singapore: The Pregnable Fortress by Elphick, Peter
A Memoir of lndia 1942-1946 by Elliot, George
The Royal Navy at Malta, 1865 - 1906 by Ellis, Richard and Lt Cdr Warlow, Ben
Britain’s Gulag - The Brutal End Of Empire In Kenya by Elkins, Caroline
Hong Kong Policeman by Emmett, Chris
Schooling in the South Atlantic Islands, 1661-1992 by Evans, Dorothy
Not Bad for a Foreigner by Evans, Jean
The Early Postcards Of The British East Africa Protectorate/Kenya by Evans, P C
The Early Postcards Of Uganda by Evans, P C
The Early Postcards Of Zanzibar by Evans, P C
The Guardian Angel: A Voice from the Wilderness by Everard, Colin


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