British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'F'

No Time Like the Past by Fairlie, Michael
Woodsmoke and Temple Flowers by Falconer, Jean
The Wild Colonial Boy by Farran, Roy
The Siege of Krishnapur by Farrell, J. G.
Into Africa: The Imperial Life Of Margery Perham by Faught, C Brad
Botswana: The Road to Independence by Fawcus, Peter
Colonial Kenya Observed: British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change by Fazan, Sydney
Victorian Colonial Warfare: Africa by Featherstone, Donald
The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World by Ferguson, Niall
Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World by Ferguson, Niall
Yesterday in Paradise by Fernandes, Cyprian
Buddhist Heritage in India and Sri Lanka Rediscovery and Restoration by Fernando, Dr R. P.
Borneo, jewel in a jade rainbow: Letters and legends from North Borneo, Sabah by Fielding, David and Sue
The East India Company at Home 1757-1857 Edited by Finn, Margot
Nswana - the Heir: The Life and Times of Charles Fisher, a Surgeon in Central Africa by Fisher, Monica
Hardly Ever a Dull Moment (History of Development Studies) by Fisk, Ernest (Fred)
Last Children of the Raj: British Childhoods in India: Vols 1 and II by Fleming, Laurence
Letters To Her Mother: War-Time In The Sudan 1938-1945 by Foley, Helen
Four Wheels and Frontiers: The First Overland Singapore To England Willy's Jeep Expedition by Follows, Roy
Odyssey of a Veterinary Vagabond by Forbes, Lewis
You have been allocated Uganda by Forward, Alan
Wellington's Light Cavalry by Fosten, Bryan
Eyewitness Falklands by Fox, Robert
No Fixed Abode: A Jewish Odyssey to Africa by Fraenkel, Peter
A Pied Cloak: Memoirs of a Colonial Police (Special Branch) Officer by Franklin, Derek
Scram From Kenya: From Colony to Republic 1946 - 1963 by Franks, James
A Caribbean Identity: Memoirs of the Colonial Service by Frankson, A S
For the Love of a Highland Home: The Fraser Brothers' Indian Quest by Fraser, Kathy
The Official History of the Falklands Campaign by Freedman, Sir Lawrence
Doctor In Vanuatu - A Memoir by Freeman, Dr E A (Ted)
The British Way In Counter-Insurgency 1945-1967 by French, David
Liberty or Death by French, Patrick
17th/21st Lancers, 1759 - 1993 by French-Blake, R L V
Enigmatic Proconsul: Sir Philip Mitchell and the Twilight of the Empire by Frost, Richard


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