British Empire Books

Wellington's Light Cavalry

Osprey, Men-At-Arms

AuthorBryan Fosten
ISBN No.0850454492

"The Light troops were dressed in the same uniforms as the remainder o their regiments except that they were given a new pattern headdress. They were armed with carbines, pistols and straight swords without basket guards. From their formation these troops were fashionable and treated as having a special character, and they became so useful that by 1759 it was decided to form complete regiments of light cavalry."

This is a typically excellent resource for anyone wishing to gain further insight into the uniforms of these rather special regiments. The colour illustrations are superb allowing anyone to instantly visualise the magnificent uniforms that these men went to battle in. Additionally, the author has added some of his own black and white illustrations of some uniforms and the equipment that they would have carried. These are particularly useful as the items in question are typically difficult to track down in more traditional resources.

As is usual in these books, the textual work is a little on the scant side. There is a brief description of purchasing commissions, drill instructions, orders of battle and, of course, descriptions of the uniforms and equipment. But, these writings are not overly detailed and you will certainly have to look elsewhere for details of campaigns and actions that these units took part in. Altogether, this is a specialized book that achieves what it sets out to do. It would be an invaluable resource for any uniform enthusiast.

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