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From Suburbia to Subukia

by Christine Matthews

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by Geoffrey Cotterell (Dept, of Mines/Tanganyika Police 1952-1961)
Christine Matthews, at the age of sixty-one, not wishing to face a suburban life of boredom and domesticity, and never having visited East Africa, offered her services to The African Medical and Research Foundation in East Africa, after having been inspired by its mercy flights.

Although she did not realise it at the time, this led to an involvement with AMREF that has lasted over 20 years. During these years she has raised over 45,000 pounds from her AMREF lecture tours in UK and USA.

Since her involvement with AMREF she has visited East Africa many times to up-date herself on AMREF's many community health projects in remote up-country areas, and its Flying Doctor operations. She even qualified, at the age of 68 years, as a pilot and acted as an emergency co-pilot during her flying visits to these health projects.

Christine, in this fascinating book, tells her own story of her involvement with the Flying Doctor Service in East Africa and its setting up by the Late Sir Michael Wood, a former Nairobi surgeon and farmer in Tanzania and later in Kenya.

His activities are continued by a band of devoted followers in East Africa, and fund raisers and supporters throughout the world, amongst whom Christine is proud to be included.

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