British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'G'

Clifford: Imperial Proconsul by Gailey, Harry A.
Sir Donald Cameron, Colonial Governor by Gailey, Harry A.
My First Eighty Years by Gardner, Trevor
Gentleman Pauper by Garvey, Sir Ronald
Kenya: From Colonization To Independence 1888-1970 by Gatheru, R. Mugo
Of Lions and Dung Beetles: A Man in the Middle of Colonial Administration in Kenya by Gavaghan, Terence
History of Warships by George, James L.
Cameroon Trilogy by Gill, J M
Old Bill in the Bush: A Cameroon Trilogy by Gill, John M.
Mayfly on the Stream of Time: A Medical Naturalist's Life by Gillies, Mick
Tribute to Pioneers: Index of Many of the Pioneers of East Africa by Gillett, Mary
Tales of the Fiji Islands: By the Wife of a District Commissioner by Gittins, Ann
Changing of Kings: Memories of Burma, 1934-49 by Glass, Leslie
Fighters Over The Falklands: Defending The Islanders' Way of Life by Gledhill, David
My African Stories by Goddard, Tony
Trespassers Forgiven: Memoirs Of Imperial Service In An Age Of Independence by Godden, C H
Reckoning With The Force: Stories of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the 1950s by Godfrey, David
Colonialism: The Golden Years by Golding, J. A.
Shifta by Golding, J.A.
Gentle Warrior; A Life Of Hugh Grant, Soldier, Farmer And Kenya Administrator Edited by Goldsmith, Anne
Beloved Imperialist: Sir Gordon Guggisberg, Governor of the Gold Coast by Goodall, Dr. H B
Goodbye to Empire: A Doctor Remembers by Goodall, John
No Better Life: The Experiences Of A Police Officer In Central Africa by Gornall, John
Britain's Empire: Resistance, Repression And Revolt by Gott, Richard
Zambia Then And Now: Colonial Rulers And Their African Successors by Grant, William
Divertimenti, or Pleasure Abounding for the Idle Hour by Green, S. Gorton
A Grain of Sand: The Story of One Man and an Island by Grimshaw, Brendon
Sheba Revealed - A Posting To Bayhan In The Yemen by Groom, Nigel
Far Away Cows: Veterinary Vignettes from the Third World by Guilbride, Patrick
A Little Piece of England - My Adventures as Chief Executive of The Falkland Islands by Gurr, Andrew
Colonial Servant by Gutch, Sir John
Tales From The Godown by Gutteridge, Cecil



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