British Empire Books

Authors of British Imperial books whose surnames begin with 'G'

Clifford: Imperial Proconsul by Gailey, Harry A.
Sir Donald Cameron, Colonial Governor by Gailey, Harry A.
My First Eighty Years by Gardner, Trevor
Gentleman Pauper by Garvey, Sir Ronald
Kenya: From Colonization To Independence 1888-1970 by Gatheru, R. Mugo
Of Lions and Dung Beetles: A Man in the Middle of Colonial Administration in Kenya by Gavaghan, Terence
History of Warships by George, James L.
Cameroon Trilogy by Gill, J M
Old Bill in the Bush: A Cameroon Trilogy by Gill, John M.
Tribute to Pioneers: Index of Many of the Pioneers of East Africa by Gillett, Mary
Mayfly on the Stream of Time: A Medical Naturalist's Life by Gillies, Mick
The Life of a Lancer in the Wars of the Punjaub, or, Seven Years in India, 1843-50 by Gilling, James
The British in India: Three centuries of Ambition and Experience by Gilmour, David
Tales of the Fiji Islands: By the Wife of a District Commissioner by Gittins, Ann
Changing of Kings: Memories of Burma, 1934-49 by Glass, Leslie
Fighters Over The Falklands: Defending The Islanders' Way of Life by Gledhill, David
My African Stories by Goddard, Tony
Trespassers Forgiven: Memoirs Of Imperial Service In An Age Of Independence by Godden, C H
Rungli-Rungliot (Thus far and no further) by Godden, Rumer
Reckoning With The Force: Stories of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the 1950s by Godfrey, David
Colonialism: The Golden Years by Golding, J. A.
Shifta by Golding, J.A.
Gentle Warrior; A Life Of Hugh Grant, Soldier, Farmer And Kenya Administrator Edited by Goldsmith, Anne
Beloved Imperialist: Sir Gordon Guggisberg, Governor of the Gold Coast by Goodall, Dr. H B
Goodbye to Empire: A Doctor Remembers by Goodall, John
Benjamin Franklin in London: The British Life of America's Founding Father by Goodwin, George
No Better Life: The Experiences Of A Police Officer In Central Africa by Gornall, John
Britain's Empire: Resistance, Repression And Revolt by Gott, Richard
Last of the Raj Memsahibs 1929 to 1945: Memoirs of a Cavalry Officer's Wife by Gradidge, Lorraine
Zambia Then And Now: Colonial Rulers And Their African Successors by Grant, William
Sir Charles Raymond of Valentines and the East India Company by Green, Georgina
Divertimenti, or Pleasure Abounding for the Idle Hour by Green, S. Gorton
A Grain of Sand: The Story of One Man and an Island by Grimshaw, Brendon
Sheba Revealed - A Posting To Bayhan In The Yemen by Groom, Nigel
Rebels against the Raj: Western Fighters for India’s Freedom by Guha, Ramachandra
Far Away Cows: Veterinary Vignettes from the Third World by Guilbride, Patrick
A Little Piece of England - My Adventures as Chief Executive of The Falkland Islands by Gurr, Andrew
Colonial Servant by Gutch, Sir John
Tales From The Godown by Gutteridge, Cecil


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