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Gillman of Tanganyika, 1882-1946: The Life and Work of a Pioneer Geographer

by B.S. Hoyle

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by M.L.H.
This book will be of great interest to many readers with East African connections as it is a study of the life and works of Clement Gillman 1882-1946 based on his diaries and field research in East Africa. Although British by nationality he was educated in Germany and Switzerland, having a German mother, and it was to German East Africa that he went at the beginning of his career in 1905 and indeed he spent the greater part of his life in Tanganyika. He developed a great interest in the environment and made a major contribution to geographical works in that country. Described by some as "the man who was Tanganyika" this enigmatic character clearly epitomises the political, cultural and social development of German East Africa and Tanganyika from the turn of the century to the end of the Second World War.

His diaries give some insight into the passionate life of the inner man and any who are concerned with development planning in East Africa would derive much benefit from a study of his work.

After a lifetime of public service in East Africa he continued his research work. And it was on an air journey to Moshi that he died, still making notes with his pencil in his hand, within sight of Kilimanjaro, the mountain he knew and loved so well.

The book is illustrated with photographs which have been lent by the Gillman family and these too help the reader to understand the man who described himself as "a preacher in the wilderness" and who was undoubtedly a pioneer during his lifetime.

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B. S. Hoyle
Gower Publishing Co. Ltd.,


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