British Empire Books

History of the British Regular Army

Volume One: A Dative Record of the Sovereigns' Regiments

AuthorHenry William &
Catherine Patricia Adams
PublisherMajor Book Publications
ISBN No.1872491022

This is a book designed very much for the researcher. It is not a book that you would want to read from cover to cover. It is simply a series of lists and data giving an excellent breakdown of the organisation and chronology of the British Army. The level of research is obviously very thorough following the devlepment of the army through three centuries; from 1660 to 1990. Within this time frame, it follows the long and tortuous creations, renamings, amalgamations and redesignations of all of the regular army regiments. One of the most useful sections of the book is the Register of Regiments at regular intervals. Not only does this allow you to see the order of precedence of the regiments but these lists are actually one of the easiest ways to visualise the organisation of the army and to trace various regiments throughout their history. There are many other useful lists and appendices that make this book an invaluable researching tool for the military historian.

Typographically, the book is not quite so pleasing to the eye. The pictures, maps and charts are not always clear and the font face seems like a first generation word processing document; complete with jagged edges and all. These problems are probably due to the small, private publisher who has published this book. In addition, these presentational problems should not detract readers from what is one of the most comprehensive and thorough treatments of the British Army that you are likely to find out anywhere.

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