British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'K'

Kanpur 1857 by Ward, Andrew
Kariakor: The Carrier Corps: The Story of the Military Labour Forces in the Conquest of German East Africa, 1914-1918 by Hodges, Geoffrey
Kaunda's Gaoler - Memoirs Of A District Officer In Northern Rhodesia And Zambia by Coe, David G and Greenall, E Cyril
Kenya, Beyond the Marich Pass: A District Officer's Story by Russell, John
A Kenya Childhood by Nicholls, C. S.
Kenya: A Country in the Making 1880 - 1940 by Pavitt, Nigel
Kenya Cowboy: A Police Officers Account Of The Mau Mau Emergency by Hewitt, Peter
Kenya: From Colonization To Independence 1888-1970 by Gatheru, R. Mugo
Kenya's Northern Frontier and Far Beyond by Walker, Hugh
The Kenya Police: A Living History Written By Those Who Served Edited by Newton, John
Kenya: The Evolution of Independence by Collins, R.L.
Kenya, The Kikuyu And Mau Mau by Lovatt Smith, David
Kenya - The Land and the People by Johnson, Sir John
Kim by Kipling, Rudyard
Kilimanjaro Tales: Saga of a Medical Family in Africa by Latham, Gwynneth and Michael
King Edward VIII by Ziegler, Philip
King Solomon's Mines by Haggard, Rider
Kingdoms in the Sand and Sun by McClintock, N. C.
Knotted Round My Heart: Recollections of Life in Nigeria 1952-59 by Crosskey, Peggy


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