British Empire Books

Lion In the Evening

EditorAlan Scholefield
PublisherWilliam Heinemann Ltd
First Published1974
ISBN No.434678554

This is not a story for those concerned with the finer points of historical accuracy. And, to be fair, it was never intended to be. This is what I would describe as an airport novel. It is easy to read and pleasant enough but not exactly taxing. The backdrop to the story is certainly imperial in nature; East Africa in 1916. This is the height of the The Great War which provides much of the tension and rationale for the storyline. The characters are in many ways walking stereotypes, the resourceful hero, the famous great white hunter who has lost his nerve, the obligatory female to provide the romantic angle and various underlings with their walk-on parts. There are also the two hungry man-eating lions who keep the suspense ticking over throughout the book.

This is an enjoyable enough read if you don't take it too seriously.

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