British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'N'

The Nabob: The Life of Sir Francis Sykes 1st Baronet (1730-1804) by Sykes, John
Nakumbuka "I Remember" by Burt, Frank
Nandi Resistance to British Rule: The Volcano Erupts by Matson, A. T.
National Service by Shindler, Colin
Never a Dull Moment: The Autobiography of John Millard - Administrator, Soldier and Farmer by Millard, John
New Delhi: The Last Imperial City by Johnson, David A.
The New Friendly Islanders by Bain, Kenneth
The Nicholas Brothers & A.T.W. Penn: Photographers of South India 1855-1885) by Penn, Christopher
The Nigerian Field: A Short History Of The Nigerian Field Society 1930 - 2000 by Lowe, Joyce
Nigerian Kaleidoscope: Memoirs of a Colonial Servant by Niven, Sir Rex
Nigerian Memories by Rowling, Noel
Night Fall's on Siva's Hill by Thompson, Edward
Nine Lives of a Bush Banker by Money, George
Nippon Slaves by Rosario, Lionel de
Nissen of the Huts: Biography of Lt.Col.P.N.Nissen, RE DSO by McCosh, Fred
No Better Life: The Experiences Of A Police Officer In Central Africa by Gornall, John
No Fixed Abode: A Jewish Odyssey to Africa by Fraenkel, Peter
No Place For Me: A Memoir of an Indian Doctor in East Africa by De Souza, Leo
No Telephone to Heaven: From Apex to Nadir - Colonial Service in Nigeria, Aden, the Cameroons and the Gold Coast 1938-61 by Milne, Malcolm
No Time Like the Past by Fairlie, Michael
No Weariness: The Memoir of a Generalist in Public Service in Four Continents 1919-2000 by Richardson, Sam Scruton
North of the Zambezi: A Modern Missionary Memoir by Macpherson, Fergus
The North-West Frontier: British and Indian Army Campaigns on the North-West Frontier of India, 1849-1908 by Nevill, Captain H. L.
The Northern Rhodesian Record and A history of the Northern Rhodesia Police by Carter, Terence D.
Northrup: The Life Of William Northrup McMillan by Aldrick, Judy
Not Bad for a Foreigner by Evans, Jean
Not Out of Malawi by Waterfield, Enid
Nowhere Near Greenland by Weightman, Barry
Nswana - the Heir: The Life and Times of Charles Fisher, a Surgeon in Central Africa by Fisher, Monica
Nyasaland Days: 1902-1919 by Davey, J.B.
The Nyasaland Survey Papers 1938-1943, agriculture, food and health Edited by Berry, Veronica and Petty, Celia


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