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The Eighteenth Century

The Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 2

EditorP. J. Marshall
First Published1998
ISBN No.0198205635

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Chapter 1P. J. MarshallIntroduction
Chapter 2James HornBritish Diaspora: Emigratin from Britain, 1680 - 1815
Chapter 3Patrick K O'BrianInseperable Connections: Trade, Economy, Fiscal State, and the Expansion of Empire, 1688 - 1815
Chapter 4Jacob PriceThe Imperial Economy, 1700 - 1776
Chapter 5Ian SteeleThe Anointed, the Appointed, and the Elected: Governance of The British Empire, 1689 - 1784
Chapter 6Boyd Stanley SchlentherReligious Fait and Commercial Empire
Chapter 7Bruce LenmanColonial Wars and the Imperial Instability, 1688 - 1793
Chapter 8N RodgerSeapower and Empire, 1688 - 1793
Chapter 9Michael DuffyWorld-Wide War and British Expansion, 1793 - 1815
Chapter 10Jack GreeneEmpire and Identity from the Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution
Chapter 11Richard DraytonKnowledge and Empire
Chapter 12Thomas Bartlett'This famous island set ina Virginian sea': Ireland in The British Empire, 1690 - 1801
Chapter 13Richard JohnsonGrowth and Mastery: British North America, 1690 - 1748
Chapter 14John ShyThe American Colonies in War and Revolution
Chapter 15Stephen ConwayBritain and Revolutionary Crisis, 1763 - 1791
Chapter 16Daniel RichterNative Peoples of North America and the Eighteenth Century British Empire
Chapter 17Peter MarshallBritish North America, 1760 - 1815
Chapter 18Richard SheridanThe Formation of Caribbean Plantation Society
Chapter 19J WardThe British West Indies in the Age of Abolition, 1748 - 1815
Chapter 20David RichardsonThe British Empire and the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1660 - 1807
Chapter 21Philip MorganThe Black Experience in The British Empire, 1680 - 1810
Chapter 22P. J. MarshallThe British in Asia: Trade to Dominion, 1700 - 1765
Chapter 23Rajat Kanta RayIndian Society and the Establishment of British Supremacy, 1765 - 1818
Chapter 24H BowenBritish India, 1765 - 1813
Chapter 25Glyndwr WilliamsThe Pacific: Exploration and Exploitation
Chapter 26P. J. MarshallBritain Without America - A Second Empire

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