British Empire Books

The Nineteenth Century

The Oxford History of The British Empire: Volume 3

EditorAndrew Porter
First Published1999
ISBN No.0198205651

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Chapter 1Andrew PorterIntroduction
Chapter 2P. J. CainEconomics and Empire: Teh Metropolitan Context
Chapter 3B. R. TomlinsonEconomics and Empire: The Periphery and the Imperial Economy
Chapter 4Marjory HarperBritish Migration and the Peopling of the Empire
Chapter 5David NorthrupMigration from Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific
Chapter 6Martin LynnBritish Policy, Trade, and Informal Empire in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Chapter 7Alan KnightBritain and Latin America
Chapter 8Jurgen OsterhammelBritain and China, 1842 - 1914
Chapter 9Peter BurroughsImperial Institutions and the Government of Empire
Chapter 10Andrew PorterTrusteeship, Anti-Slavery, and Humanitarianism
Chapter 11Andrew PorterReligion, Missionary Enthusiasm and Empire
Chapter 12Robert KubicekBritish Expansion, Empire, and Technological Change
Chapter 13John M MacKenzieEmpire and Metropolitan Cultures
Chapter 14Robert StaffordScientific Exploration and Empire
Chapter 15Peter BurroughsDefence and Imperial Disunity
Chapter 16E. H. H. GreenThe Political Economy of Empire, 1880 - 1914
Chapter 17A. J. StockwellBritish Expansion and Rule in South-East Asia
Chapter 18D. A. WashbrookIndia, 1818 - 1860: The Two Faces of Colonialism
Chapter 19Robin MooreImperial India, 1858 - 1914
Chapter 20Susan BaylyThe Evolution of Colonial Cultures: Nineteenth Century Asia
Chapter 21Gad HeumanThe British West Indies
Chapter 22David FitzpatrickIreland and the Empire
Chapter 23Ged MartinCanada from 1815
Chapter 24Donald DunoonAustralia and the Western Pacific
Chapter 25Raewyn DalzielSouthern Islands: New Zealand and Polynesia
Chapter 26C. Saunders and I. SmithSouthern Africa, 1795 - 1910
Chapter 27Colin NewburyGreat Britain and the Partition of Africa, 1870 - 1914
Chapter 28Afaf Lutfi al Sayyid MarsotThe British Occupation of Egypt from 1882
Chapter 29T McCaskieCultural Encounters: Britain and Africa in the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 30Avner OfferCosts and Benefits, Prosperity and Security, 1870 - 1914

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