British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'P'

Pacific Prelude: A Journey To Samoa And Australasia 1929 by Perham, Margery
Pages from the Past - Kenya by Carson, J.B.
Palace, Political Party And Power: A Story Of The Socio-Political Development Of Malay Kingship by Suwannathat-Pian, Kobkua
Palestine Betrayed: A British Palestine Policeman's Memoirs (1936-1948) by Martin, Robin H
Palestine: Retreat from the Mandate by Cohen, Michael
Palm Wine and Leopard's Whiskers: Reminiscences of Eastern Nigeria Edited by Anderson, R. G.
Paper Jewels: Postcards from the Raj by Khan, Omar
Paper Tigress: A Life In The Hong Kong Government by Cartland, Rachel
Paradise on Earth by Sheikh, Ashraf
Pasha of Jerusalem: Memoirs of a District Commissioner Under the British Mandate by Keith-Roach, Edward
Passage East by Marshall, Ian
A Passage from India: Reminiscences by Wollocombe, Richard
A Passage of Time by Thompson, Frank
A Patch of Africa by Smith, Joan I.
Pathan Rising: Jihad on the North West Frontier of India 1897-1898 by Simner, Mark
Pax Britannica by Morris, James (Jan)
Peace, Poverty and Betrayal: A New History of British India by Matthews, Roderick
Pearl of Africa by Maybury, Maurice
Pearls, Palms and Riots by Hawkes, Mirabel
The Peasant Armed: The Indian Revolt 1857 by Stokes, E.
Peripatetic Pedagogue: Some Reminiscences of R A Snoxall edited by Snoxall, P R
The Persian Interpreter: The Life and Career of Turner Macan by Hunter, Archie
A Pied Cloak: Memoirs of a Colonial Police (Special Branch) Officer by Franklin, Derek
Pioneers' Scrapbook: Reminiscences of Kenya, 1890 to 1968 Edited by Huxley, Elspeth and Curtis, Arnold
Pink Stripes and Obedient Servants: An Agriculturist in Tanganyika by Ainley, John
Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, her Pirate Adventurers and the Dawn of Empire by Ronald, Susan
The Place of Cold Water by Panwalker, Anand
A Plain Russet-coated Captain by Day, John
Policeman in Africa by Imray, Colin
Policeman in Palestine: Memories of the Early Years by Imray, Colin
A Policeman's Lot by Beaden, Tony
Polio and Me: In Nigeria and Malawi, Belgium, England and Other Places, 1955-1998 by Barnes, Kenneth
A Political Legacy Of The British Empire: Power And The Parliamentary System In Post-Colonial India And Sri Lanka by Kumarasingham, Harshan
A Political Memoir of the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides by Woodward, Keith
Power, Faith, and Fantasy America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present by Oren, Michael
Power And Passion In Egypt: A Life Of Sir Eldon Gorst by Hunter, Archie
Practising Colonial Medicine: The Colonial Medical Serice in British East Africa by Crozier, Anna
Priest in Prison: Four Years of Life in Japanese-occupied Singapore, 1941-45 by Hayter, John
The Prince who beat the Empire by Mir, Moin
Princely India and the British: Political Development and the Operation of Empire by Keen, Caroline
The Prisoner of Kathmandu: Brian Hodgson in Nepal 1820-43 by Allen, Charles
Private Secretary (Female)/Gold Coast by Powell, Erica


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