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They Call Me Mama Daktari

by Anne Spoerry

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by Geoffrey Cotterell (Dept, of Mines/Tanganyika Police 1952-1961)
Anne Spoerry's story traces the evolution of the African Medical and Research Foundation and its Flying Doctor Services throughout East Africa, which were set up forty years ago by the Nairobi surgeon, the late Sir Michael Wood, through the eyes of one of his most colourful followers.

In 1963, Anne, in her early forties, already practising medicine in Kenya, learned to fly and became a flying doctor.

Nowadays, though she no longer flies, her involvement with AMREF continues. During these Kenyan years her frequent flying mercy missions have taken her from the Ethiopian border in the North to remote parts of Tanzania and many places in between. Her solo flights there were as familiar to her as a drive to the office.

This is Anne's biography and she shares her remarkable life and experiences not only in Kenya, where she also lived through the Mau Mau times, but also in her native France during occupation years and her earlier Middle East travels.

Anne's true to life experiences read like some of the best African tales, and are a fitting sequel to the late Sir Michael Wood's own biography Go an Extra Mile, in whose air miles she faithfully follows.

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Anne Spoerry
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