British Empire Books

British Empire books whose titles begin with 'V'

Vaitupu: Two Years on a Remote Polynesian Atoll by Chalkley, John
Valentine Baker's Heroic Stand at Tashkessen 1877: A Tarnished British Soldier's Glorious Victory by Jastrzembski, Frank
Variations on a Theme: Memories from Members of the Queen Elizabeth's Overseas Nursing Service Association edited by Pirkis, Dorothy Park
A Venture In Africa - The Challenges of African Business by Sardanis, Andrew
A Very Different Land: Memories of Empire from the Farmlands of Kenya by Sunman, Hilary
Vet in Africa: Life on the Zambezi, 1913-33 by Smith, John
Viceroys: The Creation of the British by Lee, Christopher
The Viceroy's Daughters by Courcy, Anne de
Victorian Colonial Warfare: Africa by Featherstone, Donald
A View From Within: The Last Years of British Rule in South-East Asia by Blake, Christopher
Villiers-Stuart on the Frontier, 1894-1914 by Maxwell, Robert
Voices and Echoes: Tales from Colonial Women by Alexander, Joan


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