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We Went to Africa: An English educationist in Zambia

by Dr James Hadfield

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by R.J.B.
Dr. Hadfield served in Northern Rhodesia first as a teacher of history at Murati Secondary School for Africans and then as an economist in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Coming into the Colonial Service comparatively late in life. Dr. Hadfield brought with him the experience gained in other fields which has sharpened his vision of the African scene and the result is a shrewd account of the history and contemporary life in Northern Rhodesia.

Little of this well-researched book of some 138 pages is devoted to Dr. Hadfield's own life, which is a pity as one feels that he had much more to tell of his personal experiences. He has, however, produced a brief history of Northern Rhodesia, with particular reference to the education provided for the African population and African agriculture. Living in Northern Rhodesia during the years of the Central African Federation, his cover of this ill-starred episode is of particular interest.

Dr. Hadfield is always fair with criticism and credit, giving both with equal impartiality. Anyone who lived in Northern Rhodesia at the same time as the author will appreciate his honesty and accurate reportage of the country as he saw it and find much with which to agree.

British Empire Book
Dr. James Hadfield
Lantern Press


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