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Wilde Tales from Africa

by Jack K. H. Wilde

Courtesy of OSPA

Review by M.I.H.
There have been many books written by officers in the Colonial Service recalling their experiences abroad, but this book entitled Wilde Tales from Africa must surely rank as one of the most enjoyable. The author Dr. Jack Wilde tells his story in a lighthearted way from the time he set sail for Tanganyika as a young Veterinary Research Officer until he became Chief Veterinary Officer before moving on to Nigeria to continue further studies of diseases in cattle in Africa.

With limited equipment in stations he was called upon to perform some remarkable tasks such as extracting a decaying tooth for a local African, and restoring respiration to a large baboon by "the kiss of life" - both being very successful. These are just a couple of very amusing incidents in a book which is a collection of reminiscences and stories and which is also illustrated by the author's own sketches.

Many British and African veterinarians will be familiar with the name of Jack Wilde and the work done by the Veterinary profession in Africa, and may even have been fortunate to hear some of his stories. For those who have. I'm sure they will enjoy more "Wilde" tales, and for those of you who have not been so fortunate, please enjoy a nostalgic return to a time long past in this amusing and delightful book.

British Empire Book
Jack K. H. Wilde
Castle Cary Press


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