Maps of Aden Protectorate

Arabia, Ottoman and Persian Empires, 1844
Showing Aden as British
1860 Map of Region Middle East Map, 1872
Showing Aden and British Claimed Islands
Middle East Map, 1875
Showing British Aden and Perim Island
Arabia and Egypt Map, 1883
Showing Aden, Kamaran, Perim and Mosha Islands
And British Consuls and Agents
1906 Map of Aden
Gulf of Aden Map, 1896
1906 Map of Aden and Perim Island 1906 Map of Socotra
1922 Map of Aden
1922 Map of Aden 1948 Map of Aden
1953 Aden and Western Aden Protectorate Map
1953 Mukalla and Socotra Map 1953 Eastern Aden Protectorate Map
Showing Extent of Aerial Mapping
1950s Aden Port Trust Map
1957 Aden Port Berthing Plan Middle East Map 1967
Soviet Map Showing Indeterminate Borders Around Aden
Arabian Peninsular Map, 1967
Soviet Map Showing Indeterminate Borders Around Aden
Aden State Map, 1965 Aden & the Protectorates of South Arabia, 1965


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