Sidney James Johnson's Aden Photographs

Sidney James Johnson served in the RAF from 1947 to 1969. In 1963 he was posted to RAF Khormaksar in Aden as an engineer and crew member on the twin engine Belvedere helicopters. He would serve with 72 and 26 Squadrons in the Aden Protectorate. Sid was a keen amateur photographer and took some truly amazing photographs of life within the RAF and in Aden during the twilight years of the British Empire there. Many thanks to his nephew Mark Bowd for digitising these fascinating images and allowing us to share them. Unfortunately, many of the individuals captured and even some of the locations are unknown to us. If anybody does recognise any of the people or places in the photographs, we would be delighted to add more commentary and information where possible.

Sidney James Johnson Belvedere Heliicopter Shots
RAF Khormaksar
Personnel Aircraft
Aerial Shots
Everyday Life Local Life
Upcountry Mission
Ma'alla Crater


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by Stephen Luscombe