Brief History

This was actually a collection of smaller islands that were combined together to make this administrative unit between 1671 and 1817 and then again from 1871 to 1970. They came and went over the years but included Antigua, Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, St Christopher, Barbuda and Montserrat.

Flag of Leeward Islands
1844 Map of Leeward Islands
1835 Map of Leeward Islands
1848 Map of Leeward Islands
1892 Map of Leeward Islands
1895 Map of Leeward Islands
1971 Map of Leeward Islands
Historical Leeward Island Images
National Archive Images of Leeward Islands
Administrators of Leeward Islands
1671 - 1970
Lord Baldwin and the Leeward Islands
Winifred F. O'Mahony recalls the appointment of the high profile, and controversial, appointment of Lord Baldwin as the governor of the Leeward Islands during the late 1940s. This was a time of unrest that ended up having a very direct effect on the author's family.

Reminiscences of the Leeward Islands
Winifred K. O'Mahony explains what it was like to live in the Leeward Islands in the 1930s as her husband was sent there to work as a supernumerary medical office. This had the side-effect of the couple being posted all over the chain of islands and experience Caribbean life from a multitude of angles in a fascinating period of its development.

Suggested Reading
Lasting Legacy: A Story of British Colonialism
by Kenneth Blackburne

Out of the Crowded Vagueness: A History of the Islands of St Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla
by Dyde, Brian

Swords Ships and Sugar: Hubbard
by Hubbard, Vincent K.

The Sugar Barons
by Parker, Matthew

Nelson's Letters from the Leeward Islands
by Geoffrey Rawson

Settler Society in the English Leeward Islands, 1670-1776
by Zacek, Natalie A.

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