Norfolk Island Map

This is John Stockdale's map of Norfolk Island. It is the first map of the settlement of the new colony. The top half of the map shows an overview of Norfolk and the two outlying islands, Phillip and Nepean. The bottom half of the map details the new settlement in Sydney Bay (now Kingston), five buildings including the government house, a flag where the pier would eventually be built, and the established gardens are shown.

The map originates from the 1789 publication 'Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay', in which Phillip describes the voyage of the First Fleet, the establishment of the settlements at Sydney and on Norfolk, the people and animals encountered and experiences made there. Norfolk Island was first discovered in 1774 by Captain Cook. The island was considered a fine place to settle and to take advantage of the 'Norfolk Island pines', which were believed to be ideal for ship masts. The Island was settled six weeks after the First Fleet's settlement in Sydney. Unusually the settlement on Norfolk was also named Sydney, which obviously may have created some confusion back in England.

Norfolk Island

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