Raleigh Gilbert

Raleigh Gilbert was the son of the Elizabethan explorer and soldier/sailor Humphrey Gilbert who had died in service of Queen Elizabeth after having claimed Newfoundland for England. Raleigh Gilbert continued the colonizing efforts of his father and family and in 1606 was one of eight grantees to receive Letters Patent from King James I.

Monday, 1st June 1607 - Departed from Plymouth, England

Wednesday, 19th Auguste 1607 -- Arrival in Maine

"Wednesday being the 19th Auguste we all went to the shore where we made choice for our plantation and there we had a sermon delivered in by our preacher."

19 Aug 1607 - Established Fort at mouth of Kennebec River in Maine. The colony was called the "Sagadahoc Colony."

Captain James Davis again set sail for Sagadahoc and arrived, it is supposed, about the month of May 1608. He found the colonists had been through a severe winter. George Popham, the first president, had died, and Raleigh Gilbert was now the president. Sir John Gilbert, eldest son of Sir Humphrey Gilbert and the brother of Raleigh Gilbert, had also died in England and left his estate to his brother Raleigh Gilbert to settle. Raleigh Gilbert therefore desired to return to England to settle his brothers estate.

17 October 1608 The Colonists returned to England before another harsh winter finished them off.

Popham Colony

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