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Lowe is best remembered for being the man who was responsible for keeping Napoleon securely locked away on St Helena. Napoleon and his followers agitated for greater freedom of movement which brought them into conflict with Lowe. A British surgeon took Napoleon's side and wrote a book about his captivity which attacked Lowe's governorship. The charges stuck and Lowe was always regarded as a cruel jailer.

1769 Born in Galway on 28th July, the son of a military surgeon.
1781 Ensign in East Devon Militia (aged 11)
1787 Joined 50th Foot in Gibraltar
1793 Campaigned in Corsica, Elba, Portugal and Minorca
1794 Commanded Corsican Rangers
1801 Egypt as a Major
1801 Assistant QMG
1803 Lt-Colonel in command of Corsican Rangers again.
1803 Scicily. His defense of Capri against Murat failed.
1809 Helped capture Ischia, Procida, Zante, Cephalonia and Cerigo
1809 Appointed Governor of Cephalonia, Ithaca and Santa Maura
1812 Returned to England
1813 Sent to inspect Russo-German Legion
1813-14 Accompanied Russian/Prussian allies in 13 battles. Praised by Blucher and Gneisenau, and decorated.
1814 Carried the news of Napoleon's abdication to London.
1814 Knighted and promoted to Major-General
1814-15 QMG in Nederlands
1815 Appointed Governor of St Helena to keep Napoleon secure.
1821 Napoleon dies in May.
1822 4th June Colonel of 93rd Foot
1825-30 Commanded in Ceylon
1832 23rd July Colonel of 56th Foot
1842 17th Nov. Colonel of 50th Foot
1844 Died on 10th Jan in London

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