The Red House, 1903

The Red House was pelted with stones by a large crowd of people (or members of the Ratepayers Association gathering in Brunswick Square) and eventually 'burnt to the ground. The police were called out, two Royal Navy ships,'The Pallas and The Rocket landed troops, in addition to the 250 men of the Lancashire Fusiliers already deployed at barracks in Port-of-Spain. The ominous Riot Act was read to the crowd, and then the policemen were given the order to fire on the protestors.

The Commission of Enquiry formed after the riot detailed that 471 rounds of ammunition had been discharged. A total of 16 people were killed on the spot or died of their wounds through the use of 'authorised firing' and 43 others treated at hospital for injuries received. Picture courtesy of the The National Archives

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by Stephen Luscombe