Thomas Hislop

He accompanied the 39th to the West Indies, and commanded it at the capture of Demerara, Berbice, and Essequibo in 1796. He remained in military command of those settlements until their restoration to the Dutch at the peace of Amiens in May 1802. On 6 September 1798 he became lieutenant-colonel of the 11th West India regiment, which he raised. He was promoted colonel on 29 April 1802, joined the 8th West India regiment in 1803, and became lieutenant-governor of Trinidad. He joined the army under Sir George Beckwith at Martinique in 1809, and commanded the 1st division at the capture of Guadeloupe in 1810. He was promoted major-general on 25 October 1809. He left Trinidad in ill health in 1811.

Image courtesy of National Museum & Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago

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