• The 18th Regiment of Foot Royal irish Regiment Association
      This is a site dedicated to preserving and commemorating the long and proud history of Irish service in the British Army in the regiments of the The 18th Regiment of Foot Royal Irish Regiment and The South Irish Horse until their dissolution in 1922. Ireland consistently provided a steady stream of willing and able volunteers to fight in the British army but their contribution was somewhat diminished in a Republican Ireland which had fought a war of independence against the British establishment - including the British Army. This is a welcome site and organisation which is attempting to rebuild the proud links and shared heritage which had been for so long taken for granted but which had sadly been left to wane for many years.
  • The Rats of Tobruk
      This is a site dedicated to those who served in the longest military siege in British and Imperial history. Although based in Victoria, Australia, it has information and resources for anyone who served in Tobruk or who had family who were involved in the siege or just for those interested in this fascinating battle.
  • The Army Children Archive
      This is a site that is dedicated to those who were brought up as the children of serving soldiers. It investigates or discusses various aspects of their lives from education to housing to recreation and many others too numerous to mention.
  • Scottish Military History Society
      Scotland provided a disproportianate quantity of military personnel for Imperial purposes through the centuries. This site allows you to find out more about those Scottish units.
  • World War Two Order of Battle Database
      An interesting database that allows you to track the creation and disbanding of most formations during the Second World War.
  • Kabul to Kandahar Participant Database Project
      Anyone interested in the Second Afghan War should take a visit to this site. It hosts a database of those who were involved with the famous Kabul to Kandahar relief march in 1880. It is very nicely done.
  • National Service Memoirs
      It is good to see personal histories like this site being published on the web. There is nothing like reading the personal accounts of people who actually experienced the process of decolonisation at first hand. It is a good primary source for the interested historian.
  • The British Army in the Great War
      This is a very elegant and well-organised website charting the history of the British Army throughout this bloody confrontation. The author has done a superb job in researching and relaying accounts of the battles from this war. From an imperial angle, he also provides commentary on Mesopotamia, and it looks as if Palestine will not be far behind. This site is well worth a visit.
  • Britain's Small Wars
      This is a beautifully designed site (although slow to load) that relates the history of many of the small conflicts that characterised decolonisation. You can find information on the conflicts in: Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Kenya, Cyprus, Suez, Borneo, Aden, Radfan, Falklands and the Gulf War.
  • Nineteenth Century British and Indian Armies
      Despite its extensive title; this site concentrates nicely on the lives of individual soldiers who served in India between 1840 and 1920. More of a military genealogical site, these pages provide excellent individual biographies of Imperial personnel.
  • Trenches on the Web
      This is one of the finest history sites found on the web. It is a beautifully crafted site that details much of the history of World War I. Naturally, the role of HM Imperial forces are well represented. A must see site for anyone interested in this period of history.
  • Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society
      A beautifully designed site focused on the history of the Anglo Zulu War. It has excellent pictures, photos and real audio excerpts. The society seems to be very well organised and offers all sorts of services and information. Well worth a visit.
  • Australian War Memorial
      A site full of information, pictures, data, sounds and videos relating to the Australian military experience. The key role played by the Australian armed forces in fighting on behalf of the British Empire makes this site a most invaluable one for the researcher or interested party. Australians turned up in most corners of the British Empire at some point or other.
  • The British Army in Bermuda
      A good source of information for a specialised area of military history. This site provides information on which units were stationed on the island, and details about military installations, graves, uniforms, etc... Bermuda is one of the oldest colonies of the British Empire and so it has a long and interesting history for the imperial historian.

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