• The English Music Festival
      This is a lovely site designed to promote a festival to bring the music of English composers to a wider audience. It also homes in on the key Imperial period of the early twentieth Century music when composers were in full Imperial swagger and confidence. It is worth a look.
  • National Anthems
      Music is a form of art! You can get sheet music and lyrics to most of the world's national anthems including many of the colonies or their successor states.
  • Cybermuse: National Gallery of Canada
      This a truly innovative and attractive website. The designers of this site have used some of the latest gadgets and techniques to bring the pictures from the Canadian National Gallery to life in a quite remarkable manner. This site is well worth the time registering to use it.
  • Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America
      Make sure that you have all of your browser plug-ins in order so that you can listen to this very wide collection of folk music. This site allows you to see just how closely the musical histories of these nations are all intertwined. There are plenty of good Victorian tunes and ditties here to get you singing along...
  • The Regency
      This is an interesting website that highlights a particular era in history: The regency period from 1810 - 1820. Most of the site is geared towards the literature of that time - but there are some interesting areas covered; Waterloo and the Peninsular War are two such examples. There is also a discussion list and links to other sites connected with the era. The site is well designed and looks good - the only complaint I had was of slow access and response times.
  • Gaslight
      This is an excellent collection of writings from the Nineteenth Century. British and imperial writers being prominently represented. Even though most of these texts can be found in other archives on the internet, the thing that makes this site such an interesting one is the fact that it combines a discussion list with the internet pages. This allows the ability to discuss and debate the artistic and historical legacies of these stories and histories. This really is a well thought out and executed web site.
  • The Robert Opie Collection
      This is a commercial site dedicated to selling old advertising logos and posters. There are some nice images displayed here and many of them have a connection with British imperial era companies. If you don't see what you are looking for, you can ask them to do some research for you. This is a good site if you would like to track down and order prints of specific posters.
  • The Imperial Archive
      This site is primarily concerned with Imperial (and post-colonial) literature. Produced by the University of Belfast, it provides some good background information on the historical context of Imperial era literature and of course offers information on imperial authors and their writings.
  • Complete Works of Kipling
      Although very plain to look at, this site is a treasure trove for the Kipling afficiendo. It has the complete texts of all his works.

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