• Indian Military History Society
      The IMHS is a society that promotes research and discussion about all things connected with the Indian military heritage - which is pretty impressive in its scope. It is not just imperial Indian troops, but any soldiers or sailors who served in the Indian Sub-Continent. They publish a journal on these subjects entitled the Durbar.
      FIBIS stands for Families in British India Society. It is an organisation dedicated to helping people research family connections with India from 1600 up to 1947 plus. It is a subscription based organisation, but it does provide some information about India for the general reader or browser.
  • The Oriental and India Office Collections
      This is the official website for the British Library's Oriental and Indian section. They hold all the official documents pertaining to the Honourable East India Company and the subsequent pre-1947 India Office records. The scope of these organisations spread far further than just the Indian subcontinent. The Middle East, East Africa, Far Eastern Asia all had strong connections with the India office. The amount of material available at this site is limited, but the serious researcher should consider contacting them or making a port of call to their offices.
  • Sejarah Melayu
      This is a website to keep an eye on. It is very tastefully done and looks as though it will cover some very interesting aspects of Malaysian history. I say that it looks as if it will cover as the site is still very much under construction. However, I think that it will repay frequent visits.
  • Binder's Classic Malaya
      If a picture is worth a thousand words, this site must be worth several hundred thousand at least. It displays some beautiful colonial era photographs. There is not much commentary - but the pictures speak for themselves.
  • Seringapatam 1799
      This is an interesting site that displays a journal and letters concerning the battle of Seringapatam in 1799 in India. This was a major battle that consolidated the British hold on the Indian sub-continent. The site is a good source for contemporary evidence of an important event.
  • The Internet Indian Sourcebook
      This is an excellent collection of useful links and resources for the study of Indian history. Naturally, the imperialist connections are well represented. This site doesn't contain any of its own information but the links have been well researched and are quite comprehensive.
  • The East India Company
      The company that monopolised the Indian trade for centuries still exists and here is its web site to prove it. It is a very nicely designed site that presents its history as well as its present day concerns. Worth taking a look at, if just as a leftover historical curiosity
  • The Poyntz Family in India
      These are pages dedicated to tracing the history of a particular family from its imperial roots. The pages give an insight into the breadth and depth of British involvement in the Indian subcontinent; stretching thousands of miles and over hundreds of years. There are some nice maps and hints on doing your own genealogical research.

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