• CD Imaging
      This is a company that specialises in restoring old photographs. They can even colour old black and white photographs and can turn your prints into a variety of digital formats.
  • Red Rose Photos
      Professional photo restoration service, specialising in making your old family photos special again. It also offers a free'photo dating advice if you need to accurately date an old photograph.
  • Past Times
      This is a company that specialises in selling cigarette cards - many of which have an imperial connection. It also sells bank notes, coins and metal advertisements mostly from the early Twentieth Century.
  • Admiralty Ship Models
      This is a company that makes quality wooden ship models including many of the eighteenth and Nineteenth Century ships that used to ply the seaways between the colonies. They are very impressive models and worth a look.
  • The Memorabilia Pack Company
      This company produces facsimiles and reproductions of documents and sources from a variety of eras. They combine nostalgia with informative and thought provoking documents.
  • Cranston Fine Arts
      This is a beautifully designed site that sells prints and original pictures from and about British and Imperial History. The pictures are from well known artists and many of them are previewed at the site itself. The Zulu wars, India and the Boer war are just some of the periods that are represented here. The site is easy to navigate and, because of the nature of the goods being sold, delightful to browse through.

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