• British Empire and Commonwealth Forces Discussion List
      This list deals with all aspects of the Naval, Military, and Air Force History of the British Empire and Commonwealth. Discussions involving any aspect of both British forces, (with emphasis on service abroad), as well as Colonial, Dominion and/or Commonwealth forces is the primary focus.
  • British Raj List
      An excellent starting place for anyone with questions about life in India. In fact, from this page you can get to similar lists for most (but not all) colonies.
  • Colonial Wars Wargamers Discussion List
      This is a wargaming list that discusses any and all colonial wars. It covers all the imperial powers but with the British Empire getting a consistently sizeable representation. The wargaming discussions are interspersed with a great deal of history as well.
  • EmpireHist Discussion Group
      This site allows you to sign up to a British Empire discussion group. It is quite an academic list and it is a pretty quiet for long periods of time.

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