• Complete Works of Kipling
      Although very plain to look at, this site is a treasure trove for the Kipling afficiendo. It has the complete texts of all his works.
  • Tennyson
      This is a nicely designed and authoratative presentation of the life and works of the 'Bard of Empire.' He is reknowned for his unashamed patriotism and appreciation of all things English. His works can be genuinely beautiful and moving at times. This site is a good introduction for one of the most important poets produced by the empire.
  • Tipu Sultan
      This is a site dedicated to one of the most famous adversaries of the British Empire: Tipu Sultan. It is one of the most visually striking sites that I have seen. The presentation and imagery are second to none. Unfortunately, the content is a little on the spartan side. However, given the difficulty of finding information about non-english speaking heroes of any kind, this site is a welcome addition for those interested in the history of the Indian sub-continent.
  • Elgar
      This is a web site dedicated to the life and work of that most imperial of composers: Elgar. These pages are a good launching pad for anyone who wishes to understand the life and work of this composer. The site itself is not exactly groundbreaking but the material is thorough and comprehensive.
  • Baden Powell
      Although designed primarily for the Boy Scout movement this site is actually an excellent historical site for those interested in one of the Empire's most Imperial of sons. One of the highlights is the library section which contains illuminating extracts from his extensive writings. Beautifully presented this is definitely worth a visit.
  • Captain Robert Falcon Scott
      This is a very thorough biography of Captain Scott. It has full details of his upbringing and his exploits in the South Pole. The parent site is about the South Pole in general. There is also an equally full biography of Ernest Shackleton if you follow the links.

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