• National Archives / Public Records Office
      The first stop for all those interested in genealogy and who have a connection with Britain in some way is the Public Records Office in Kew. They hold information on births, marriages, deaths, the armed services, census data. If you are serious about genealogy you will have to pass through this site.
  • Ancestry.co.uk
      This is a big, commercial, genealogy company with an ever increasing range of resources being made available - at a price!
      FIBIS stands for Families in British India Society and they provide excellent resources to anyone with a connection or interest to Britain's most important colony. They have a very impressive wiki with great contributions and information contained on it.
  • Genealogy Guide
      This is a very clear and well laid out guide for anyone interested in researching their family history. It has lots of guide advice and some very helpful links to get you started.
  • Ancestry.co.uk
      This is a big, commercial, genealogy company with an ever increasing range of resources being made available - at a price!
  • Finding British Ancestry in India
      There is some useful advice on this page for those looking into a family connection with India.
  • The Poyntz Family in India
      These are pages dedicated to tracing the history of a particular family from its imperial roots. The pages give an insight into the breadth and depth of British involvement in the Indian subcontinent; stretching thousands of miles and over hundreds of years. There are some nice maps and hints on doing your own genealogical research.
  • Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015
      A guide to 100 useful resources for those interested in tracking their family trees.
  • Traveling to Find Your Roots
      A guide for those wishing to travel in and around Europe to discover their Genealogy Roots.
  • Genealogy and the Law
      This site offers explanations for some of the complex legalese and jargon that you may have to deal with whilst trying to comprehend various genealogical documents.
  • Billion Graves
      This site lets you discover gravestones from all over the world in the hopes of helping track down your ancestors and be able to perhaps even visit their final resting place.
  • Building Your Family Tree Online:
      This is very much a 'Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy' and explains how best to start your whole genealogical research process off.
  • Military Indexes
      Although an American site, these pages also have links to wars such as the Revolutionary and 1812 conflicts often allowing you to track down loyalists in addition to those who fought for America.

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