• British Empire 1815 - 1914
      Peter Crowhurst is a retired teacher who has built a site that concentrates on the period between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the outbreak of the First World War which saw the British Empire reach its apogee in power and extent before starting its inexorable decline.
  • The Edwardian World
      A delightful re-examination of Arthur Mee's Children's Encylopedia from 1910. It is available as a book and recreates many of the original images used by Arthur Mee. The value of the book though is the context and discussion of the inevitably wide range of issues from a century ago. Obviously, the book was published at the height of British Imperialism, so you can get a view of how the Empire was 'sold' to children.
  • Causes of War
      A bibliography and collection of links on the causes of various wars, most of which have a strong imperial connection. The idea of the page is to understand how and why wars start with the idea of forewarning people of the danger of future wars.
  • British Empire Gateway
      A very useful set of links and guide to Imperial resources by Jane Samson. A good launching pad for serious academic work on the British Empire.

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