• Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry
      This is a group who re-enact the Territorial Army of its day - the Yeomanry. This particular unit was first raised during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. They have some very impressive uniforms. It seems as if the mounts are on the shopping list!
  • Victorian Military Society
      This is a site to keep your eye on. This site has a long history of producing high quality research and publications. At the moment, their pages are little more than an advertisement to join their society and some book reviews. However, they claim that they intend publishing some of their material on their pages in the near future. When they do, I'm sure that this will be an invaluable internet resource for the military historian.
  • The Overseas Service Pensioners' Association
      This is a society established on behalf of the Civil Servants and Officials who used to work in the former colonial territories. They naturally have interests that cover the entire colonial enterprise. They publish their own journal and have sponsored a Research Project to collect memoirs of members and on broader areas of colonial government.
  • Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society
      A beautifully designed site focused on the history of the Anglo Zulu War. It has excellent pictures, photos and real audio excerpts. The society seems to be very well organised and offers all sorts of services and information. Well worth a visit.
  • The Hakluyt Society
      This is an interesting society that is involved in the study and discussion of the history of exploration. Given the prominent role that the British Empire played in this area, this site has some useful information. However, these pages are more of an advertisement to join the society than an online resource.

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