Capture of Tubabecelong, Gambia

This Battle of Tubabecelong took place on June 30 1866. Samuel Hodge, serving with the 4th West India Regiment, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry in effecting a breach in the stockade. He was badly wounded, but continued to assist the Governor, Colonel D'Arcy, by handing to him the rifles of his companions, with which the colonel kept the enemy at bay while the supports were coming up.

In the breach are seen the prostrate bodies of Lieutenant Jenkins and Ensign Kelly, mortally wounded. The marabout chief, who is seen with arms extended, is mortally wounded by the rifle which Colonel D'Arcy is about to drop. The chief has just descended from the vantage tower represented a short distance behind him and had discharged his musket within a few feet of the Governor, fortunately missing his aim. Hodge received his cross at the recommendation of Colonel D'Arcy. It is regrettable that, by the rules of service, a similar honour could not be bestowed on the latter, a brave soldier through whose courage and skill on that eventful day the main success of the enterprise depended.

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