Australia's Foreign Wars: Origins, Costs, Future?!

Appendix L

Australia's Governor-General, Lord Gowrie at the Australian War Memorial, November 11, 1941N
In his speech at the opening of the Australian War Memorial on November 11, 1941, Australia's Governor-General, Lord Gowrie, a VC winner from 1899 and WW1 veteran of Gallipoli and France (severely wounded at Gallipoli) presented his insightful view as to the complete failure of World War I to attain any useful purpose for any of the combatant nations involved. Indeed, while praising the heroic efforts of Australia's soldiers, including their willingness to sacrifice their lives for their country in a cause they believed would advance the freedom of mankind, he went on to stress the resulting all-round catastrophe for all concerned. As he tersely put it:

"The war had lasted for four years. It was responsible for the death of eight million men and the wounding of sixteen million more. It caused universal desolation and distress without bringing any compensating advantages to any one of the belligerents. A war which settled nothing and in which all concerned came out losers."

Chapter 1
Australia's Foreign Wars: Origins, Costs, Future?!

Chapter 2
Imperial Roots; the Boer War; WWI Early Background

Chapter 3
World War One: Origins

Chapter 4
World War One - and the Gallipoli Campaign

Chapter 5
World War One: Economic Origins

Chapter 6
World War One: Human Costs

Chapter 7
Outcomes of World War I - the Tragic Path to World War II

Chapter 8
Supporting Germany's Rearmament; and the Steady Slide to WWII

Chapter 9
World War II and Australia

Chapter 10
The Cold War, 'French' Indochina, and the Vietnam Wars

Chapter 11
The Korean War - another Civil War in the Cold War

Appendix A
Versailles Treaty Provisions Affecting Germany

Appendix B
The 1899 & 1907 Hague Peace Conferences to Prevent War & Weapons of Mass Destruction

Appendix C
Submission by MAPW to Australia's Defence Review 2000

Appendix D
Survival Through the 21st Century

Appendix E
MAPW Submission on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)

Appendix F
The adequacy with which Australia's policy and guidelines for controlling military transfers safeguard Australia's defence, security and international relations

Appendix G
Inquiry into the Implications of Australia's Defence Exports

Appendix H
Ockham's Razor 'Arms and the Man'

Appendix I
Winston Churchill in 1929 on threat to Humankind from future Weapons of Mass Destruction

Appendix J
The Question of Terror' from Eureka Street

Appendix K
Australia and Our Violent Century: Time to Learn

Appendix L
Lord Gowries speech at opening of the Australian War Memorial

(As reported in the Canberra Times of Wednesday November 11, 1941, pp. 1&4)

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