A Splendid Little Colony: British Singapore 1819 - 1963

Queen’s Scholars from Singapore, 1886 – 1888.

(Rear left to right) James Aitken, Charles Spence Angus, P. V. Locke, D. A. Aeria (Front left to right) Lim Boon Keng, and Song Ong Siang. These young men represented the cream of Singapore’s brightest minds. Interestingly, there were Europeans and Eurasians in addition to the local Asians.

Source: Song Ong Siang. One Hundred Years History of the Chinese in Singapore..
In January 1887, The Free Press newspaper urged that the Queen’s Scholarship be given to bright local Chinese boys, in addition to English ones. “The scholarship now established are all very well, but one qualified Chinese medical man would be of greater service to his countrymen than a dozen lawyers or engineers.”

A Splendid Little Colony: British Singapore 1819 - 1963 | Singapore

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