Other Rank in Undress, 1880

Simkin's watercolour of a soldier of the 20th Hussars in stable dress is a good example of his early work and so dates it as c1880. There are well observed details here that tell us much of the uniform at this time. The stable jacket is clearly that of a trooper because of the buttons down the front. Officers had five gold olivet buttons whereas other ranks up to the rank of sergeant-major had 11 or 12 buttons. The collar has yellow braid edging and the cuff is decorated with a simple loop. He has his white leather pouch-belt over his left shoulder and a black leather pouch. We cannot tell what his rank is because rank badges were worn on the right sleeve only. He appears to be strapping a leather wallet to the front of his saddle which would suggest that he is an officer, so perhaps he is a senior NCO. The fact that he has a sabretache may indicate senior NCO rank as privates may well have been deprived of these items by 1880. His sword is interesting in that the sword knot is tightly coiled instead of hanging loose as we would expect. The horse's bridle has a chain instead of a white head-rope.

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by Stephen Luscombe