Sergeants, India c1899

The khaki drill uniform for hot climates is worn by these sergeants in the shooting team that won the Harris Cup in Mhow c1899. This uniform was worn in place of the dress uniform in summer and can also be seen in the panoramic photo of the mounted regiment on parade. But instead of the khaki helmet they wear the blue pill-box forage caps with gold lace cap-bands. They have boots and breeches and the seated sergeant on the right shows his white leather sword slings. The rifles are the bolt action Lee-Metford .303 magazine type dating from c1890. The barrel is slightly shorter than the infantry version.

The figure seated on the left of the photo is a sergeant-major. The crown badge just visible on his right sleeve indicates that he is the RSM. His tunic is very similar to the officers' as can be seen by the gold olivet buttons down the front. The 20th Hussars were distinguished by these buttons on the blue officers' frock. The sergeants, who have gold stripes on red cloth backing, have plain brass buttons like the rank-and-file, five down the front and one on each breast pocket.

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by Stephen Luscombe