Khaki Uniform for South Africa 1901

The 20th Hussars were in India for the first stage of the Boer War so missed out on the more well known campaigns. They arrived at the end of 1901 and served until 1903. The photo shows men of the 20th in khaki drill or serge with the khaki covered hot climate helmet. Khaki had been first issued in India c1885 and universally adopted by the army in 1896. The breeches were of a darker colour than the tunic, and the lower legs were covered by puttees. The equipment carried by the man included a leather ammunition bandolier, haversack, and water-bottle. The rifle in this photo is carried in a long bucket behind the right leg. A sword scabbard can be seen on the other side of the horse although swords had been discontinued for the latter stages of the war.

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by Stephen Luscombe