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Naval Party 8901 was the name given to the Royal Marines Detachment that had been based on the islands since 1966. There were about 43 people in each detachment serving on a one year rotation. They were all volunteers from within the Royal Marines. The changeover date was April 1st which meant that at the time of the Argentine invasion there were actually two 8901 detachments on the island, the outgoing '81 detachment led by Major Gary Noot and the incoming '82 one led by Major Mike Norman. A small number had been sent to South Georgia. The force was supposed to act as a trip-wire. As such, they were only lightly armed with small arms, machine guns and a few mortars and anti-tank weapons. They had nothing heavier. Their job was to provide resistance and act at the discretion of the Governor, Rex Hunt.

1982 Passout Parade Last Photo before Going South
Zeroing, April 12th
Two Section Returning on Canberra
Return to Stanley, 14th June 1982

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