Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was at the head of a unpopular government when the invasion occurred in 1982. In many ways, her government was responsible for sending the mixed signals to the Argentines that made them believe that the British were losing interest in the South Atlantic. However, her determined reaction to the invasion combined with pride in the military achievements of the British armed forces meant that her government benefitted enormously from the 'Falklands Factor'. Her government easily won re-election in 1983 and she went on to rule for the rest of the decade.

During the war she headed the 'War Cabinet' but largely deferred to the expertise of the military and gave them a great deal of freedom to achieve the liberation of the islands. The other members of the 'War Cabinet' were John Nott, Willie Whitelaw, Cecil Parkinson and Francis Pym

His autobiography was published as: The Downing Street Years

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