13th Hussars

Officers 1889

This interesting group shows three officers in different orders of dress. The mounted figure is in review order. His uniform conforms to the 1886 Dress Regulations for hussars but has certain regimental distinctions. The busby has a white bag and plume. The tunic has a white collar decorated with gold lace and braid. The cuffs are not white but blue like the rest of the tunic. The braid on his sleeve denotes his rank, as well as the insignia on his shoulder cords, and he would appear to be a captain. The pouch-belt is gold and white (see separate picture).
The 13th discontinued the use of the full dress shabracque quite early on, being content with a leopard skin edged with white scallops. The bridle has a white throat plume; and a full dress sabretache hangs by his side The middle officer is dressed comfortably in a patrol jacket. This is an unusual pattern, being only waist length. He carries no sword in this order of dress, only a cane. The officer on the right is in stable dress. His short stable jacket is very smart for an undress garment. It is worn with the full dress pouch belt but an undress sabretache. Both the standing officers are wearing full dress boots and breeches. It is especially unusual to see officers in undress wearing boots with a gold boss on the front. The headgear for officers in these orders of dress is the pill-box.

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