Lieutenant and Trumpeter in Full Dress 1880

This painting by Simkin is unusual in showing a dismounted trumpeter with the mounted officer. The trumpeter is in mounted order but he is carrying the trumpet which is used for dismounted parades, while the bugle is used when the regiment is mounted. The cords of the trumpet are red, blue and yellow, worn only in Royal regiments: other regiments had green cords. The light grey colour of the trumpeter's busby is a peculiarity of the 11th Hussars, dating back to 1840 but dicontinued for some years after 1855 and re-introduced for the last quarter of the century. An aspect of interest is the breeches worn by the trumpeter which show black leather reinforcement to the inside. This is not normally seen when the soldier is mounted. Also of interest is the trumpeter's badge on both upper arms. His sword and sabretache are attached to a belt worn under his tunic.

The officer is in full dress mounted order with Sabretache 1876 and Officer's Shabraque both with the Prince Consort's crest as permitted in 1876. His saddle has a leopard-skin cover with gold fringe. The throat plume is crimsom over white. The egret plume on his busby is 9 inches high according to 1883 dress regulations. By 1891 it had been increased to 13 inches and by 1900 it was 15 inches high, of ostrich feathers. Later in 1880 the badges of rank were removed from the collar and worn on plaited shoulder cords but the lieutenant here has a crown on his collar and no shoulder cords. Ranking at that time was as follows:

Cornet. Star

Lieutenant. Crown.

Both these ranks had gold lace round the top of the collar with a plain tracing of gold braid. Sleeve ornament, Austrian knot of gold chain gimp edged with gold braid, 7 inches deep.

Captain. Crown and Star.

Lace round top of collar, traced with braid that has intermittant small circlets. Sleeve ornament, Austrian knot of gold chain gimp edged with gold braid in tight circles, 8 inches deep.

Major. Star.

Lieut-Colonel. Crown

Colonel. Crown and Star. These three ranks had field officer's ornamentation which was lace round top and bottom of collar with figured braiding filling the space between. Sleeve ornament, Austrian knot in gold chain gimp with ornate braid figuring, 11 inches deep.

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